The Leader in Gene Editing.

LifeEDIT is dedicated to improving human health and quality of life with breakthrough therapeutic and agricultural innovations powered by our unique gene editing systems.

LifeEDIT is a subsidiary of AgBiome and has access to one of the world’s largest collections of sequenced microbial strains— ~45,000 and growing at ~15,000 per year.  Proprietary bioinformatic analyses demonstrate that there are thousands of novel CRISPR-Cas gene editing systems in this collection. LifeEDIT is prioritizing and investigating these systems in order to develop novel gene editing tools with diverse PAM requirements, higher fidelity, novel functionality, reduced immune response risk, and smaller size for easier delivery.  These systems will propel LifeEDIT’s development of human therapeutics and crop traits.

LifeEDIT is a discovery-phase life science company that is developing novel therapeutics in Neuroscience, Immuno-oncology and stem cells, as well as innovations in agriculture that address agronomic traits, quality traits and accelerated breeding.

LifeEDIT is a subsidiary of AgBiome – a leading agricultural innovation company with one of the world’s largest collections of sequenced microbial strains. LifeEDIT was formed to develop novel CRISPR-related systems present in this collection and become the leader in new gene editing technologies. LifeEDIT has an experienced leadership team to use these systems to develop breakthrough products.