Who We Are

The 2012 discovery that the CRISPR-associated sequence Cas9 could be programmed to create double-strand breaks at specified sites in a genome has led to one of the most rapidly growing bodies of biological research in history.  Both the success as well as the shortcomings of CRISPR-Cas9 point to an enormous potential and need for additional gene editing systems.  To address this need, LifeEDIT has identified the world’s largest and most diverse collection of novel CRISPR-related editing systems. LifeEDIT has an experienced leadership team capable of managing the development of new editing systems from this collection as well as the commercialization of human therapeutic and agricultural products using these technologies.

LifeEDIT is the leader in next generation therapeutics and agricultural products using novel CRISPR-related gene editing systems.

Mark Moore - CEO

Mark was involved in early discovery projects for Herceptin and Avastin at Genentech. He was a Founder and CSO of Deltagen, a functional genomics company. After which, he served as Executive Director of the IMPC and Senior Consultant at NHGRI for 10 years. Mark was a Co-Founder and CEO of Glialogix, a company that developed a pharmaceutical for Neurodegeneration. 

Mark received his Ph.D. in Biology at Brandeis University and an A.B. from Princeton in Biochemical Sciences.

Tedd Elich - CSO

Tedd has worked in the ag biotech industry for over 20 years. Prior to joining AgBiome/LifeEDIT he was the Gene Expression Technology Lead at Monsanto Co. where he led multidisciplinary efforts to develop and implement technology for regulating transgene expression in crops. He came to Monsanto through the acquisition of GrassRoots Biotechnology where he was a Co-Founder as well as VP and Director of Research. Tedd has a B.S in biochemistry and math from UW-Madison, a Ph.D. in biochemistry from UC-Davis, and did postdoctoral work at the USDA and the Salk Institute.

Allie Crawley


Leon Neuteboom

Plant Genome Editing

Madison Rackear

Research Technician

Michael Coyle


Philip Borden

Mammalian Genome Editing

Tyson Bowen

Technology Development